Our vision

We are leveraging the co-emergence of ubiquitous cellular communication networks and small, inexpensive embedded electronics to transform the availability of real-time environmental data in the developing world


Our hardware

brain_icon The Pulse pod collects data from a variety of sensors, and propagates the data onto the internet using a GSM transceiver, in a beer-can sized package.


The modular design of the electronics include separate boards for the brain, the GSM radio, the power management circuit, and the daughter board connections.


Sensors are held securely to the outside of the pod using sliding bosses that can be configured to the user’s specifications.


sensor_icon Daughter sensor boards communicate by SPI or I2C with the Brain, allowing a multitude of high-resolution digital data to be collected.


Our features

Global deployment on any GSM cellular network
Standard SMS protocols for communication
Open APIs for data visualization and aggregation
Schedule communication for power conservation…
…or allow 2-way communication between sensors and users
Spatial data provided via openCell ID
Hydrological monitoring of rainfall and soil moisture
Crop monitoring of biomass and growth
Power management for long (>6 months) deployment
Hardware and deployment costs are low


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